Dexcom CLARITY Data Analysis Resources

Now it’s even easier to evaluate patients’ glucose patterns and analyze data and diabetes management plans, all from your clinic computer. With Dexcom CLARITY’s new streamlined approach to connecting patient data to clinics, physicians now can obtain valuable information they can use to track their patients' changing glucose levels and help them gain better glycemic control with continuous monitoring.

This is a comprehensive instructional resource for healthcare providers on using Dexcom CLARITY. The 31-page document provides in-depth coverage of the application, including:

This two-page quick overview provides a snapshot of the kinds of reports available to providers for analyzing patient CGM data to help make diabetes management decisions. 

Dexcom CLARITY Reports Quick Overview (pdf)

Understand the breadth of patient CGM data at your fingertips through Dexcom CLARITY, such as daily glucose values, AGP report, glucose trends and patterns, comparison charts and statistics. Patient reports can be saved or printed for easy...

Consensus Statement, Pediatric Diabetes (2012)

This consensus statement has been developed by a world-wide expert panel of pediatric endocrinologists and represents the clinical guidance of the use of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM)...

Dexcom CLARITY presents relevant patterns and trends to help analyze and make diabetes management decisions. Using these instructions, set up Dexcom CLARITY at your clinic. Add and invite patients to share continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) data...

Dexcom CLARITY now provides the Ambulatory Glucose Profile (AGP) report. Developed by the International Diabetes Center (IDC), the AGP is a standardized report for patients and healthcare providers to visualize glucose patterns and trends. This...


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