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Now it’s even easier to analyze and evaluate your patient's glucose data and patterns, all from your clinic computer. Dexcom CLARITY® software offers a new streamlined approach to connecting patient data to clinics, allowing physcians to obtain valuable information they can use to track their patients' changing glucose levels and help them gain better glycemic control with continuous monitoring.

Consensus Statement, Pediatric Diabetes (2012)

This consensus statement has been developed by a world-wide expert panel of pediatric endocrinologists and represents the clinical guidance of the use of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM)...

Dexcom CLARITY Clinic Install Card instructing Healthcare Professionals on how to set up the Dexcom CLARITY software.

The Ambulatory Glucose Profile (AGP) report is now part of the Dexcom CLARITY software, providing clinicians with relevant glucose data in a highly visual format that supports meaningful clinical assessment and decisions. The AGP report,...

Dexcom CLARITY Clinic Sharing Handout.