How to share data through the App?

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You can enter a Temporary Authorization Key to accept a sharing invitation from your clinic. See section 4.3.1 for more information about sharing invitations. You can also generate a code to share data with your clinic for a limited time. 

After signing in, tap Share Data, then choose a sharing option: 

• Tap Accept Invitation if your clinic has provided you with a Temporary Authorization Key. See section 12.2.1 for more information. 

• Tap Generate Code if you want to provide your clinic with limited access your data. See section 12.2.2 for more information.


Accept Invitation 

To accept a sharing invitation from your clinic: 

1. Tap Accept Invitation. 

2. Enter the Temporary Authorization Key provided by your clinic. 

3. Tap Enter Birthday to select your date of birth. 

4. Tap Continue. 

5. Tap the I consent to share my data with my clinic box. 

6. Tap Yes, Share My Data.


Generate Code 

To share your data for a limited time with your clinic: 

1. Tap Generate Code. 

2. Tap 3 Months, 6 Months or 1 Year to select the time limit of sharing. 

3. Tap Generate Code. A sharing code and access URL are displayed for you to provide to your clinic. 

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