Is there dosing guidance for HCPs?

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Dexcom does not provide dosing guidance for HCPs. There are, however, three approaches to using the rate-of-change arrows for adjusting insulin doses. These are:

1. DirecNet Method

* Use of the DirecNet Applied Treatment Algorithm (DATA) for Diabetes Management with a Real-Time Continuous Glucose Monitor (the FreeStyle Navigator). Pediatr Diabetes. 2008 Apr; 9(2):142-147.

2. Jeremy Pettus and Steven Edelman Method

* Recommendations for using Real-Time Continuous Glucose Monitoring (rtCGM) Data for Insulin Adjustments in Type 1 Diabetes. Journal Diabetes Science and Technology. August 2016.

3. Gary Scheiner Method

* Practical CGM: Guide to Improving Outcomes Through Continuous Glucose Monitoring. American Diabetes Association, 2015.

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