Why choose blinded mode?

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Blinded mode allows you to capture your patients’ normal behavior without the influence of real-time CGM. Some of your patients also may not have a compatible smartphone, so they can’t use the Dexcom G6 app. Other patients may not be as interested in following their glucose patterns on a daily basis. Blinded mode allows a greater range of patients to experience Dexcom G6 Pro, even if they are not as actively involved during a session. In blinded mode, you may also use Dexcom G6 Pro to assess glycemic variability for patients with or without diabetes. In comparison, unblinded mode may only be used for patients with diabetes.

When used in blinded mode, Dexcom G6 Pro sends a patient’s glucose readings to the clinic-owned Dexcom G6 Pro reader, instead of a patient’s compatible smartphone. After the sensor session is over, you can share the patient’s results with them using the Dexcom CLARITY reports.

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