How do I view patient data?

Once a patient has been added to the Patient list, click the patient name to invite them to share their data or choose to upload receiver data. Once sharing has initiated or receiver uploaded, click the patients name, then click Go to interative reports.

Why do I need to change my clinic user password?

Dexcom Clarity follows industry security standards and password expirations are a best practice. You can change your clinic user password when prompted or at anytime from Settings at the top of the page.

What reports can I view in Dexcom Clarity?
  • Overview - presents up to four clinically relevant patterns, dashboard statistics as well as the patient’s Best Day. This quick summary can help focus the discussion on problem areas contributing to hyper- and hypoglycemia. When printed, this one page summary contains all information for billing 95251* - a CPT code covered by most insurance carriers.
  • Patterns - dive deeper into each of the four clinically relevant patterns. Each pattern provides graphs of the days that contribute to that pattern.
  • Data - Trends and Overlay graphs show aggregate data with filtering options. Daily graphs are a detailed view of every glucose data point for each day selected.
  • Compare - report provides side-by-side comparison of Trends, Overlay and Daily graphs to encourage progress and highlight challenges patients may face.
  • Statistics - provides focused insight for both daily and hourly glucose metrics. Advanced metrics can be selected for deeper analytics.
  • AGP - standardized Ambulatory Glucose Profile (AGP) report provides a big picture view of diabetes management.
Who do I contact with questions about Dexcom Clarity?

If you have questions about Clarity, please contact the Dexcom Care Team at [email protected] or call 1-888-738-3646, ext 4900.

How do I know when Dexcom Clarity has been updated?

For every release, a notification banner is posted at the top of the Dexcom Clarity on the day of the release. Follow the banner’s link to read the release notes. If the Uploader software is updated, the notification banner posts 2 weeks before the release.

What is Glucose Management Indicator (GMI)?

Glucose Management Indicator (GMI) approximates the laboratory A1C level expected based on average glucose measured using continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) values. Average glucose is derived from at least 12 days of CGM data. The GMI may be similar to, higher than, or lower than the laboratory A1C. Differences between GMI and laboratory A1C may reflect differences among an individual’s red blood cell lifespan, how glucose binds to hemoglobin, or due to a recent fluctuation in glucose control.

GMI Calculation: How is Glucose Management Indicator Calculated?

In order to determine a GMI calculation, it is necessary to compute the average glucose level and transform it from milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL) to a percentage.

The formula for calculating the GMI as a percentage is: GMI (Percentage) = 3.31 + 0.02392 x (glucose reading in mg/dL).

Can I export raw data?

Yes. Dexcom Clarity has the option to export data as a CSV file viewable in Excel. Export from one patient by clicking the patient name, then click Export. Or, export for all patients in your Patient List by clicking Export all data from the top of your Patient List page.

How do I save or print reports?

You can save or print all reports from Dexcom Clarity for up to 90 days of data. While viewing a patient’s interactive report, from the top of the page click Print Reports to print or Download Reports to save. Then, choose a date range and any or all of the reports.

How do patients share data with my clinic?

If your clinic has a Dexcom Clarity account, add the patient to your patient list, then click Share data to view, print, or email a share invitation. The patient enters the Sharing Code from the invitation in either their personal Dexcom Clarity account or in their Dexcom Clarity app. Once sharing is established, it continues until the patient or clinic decides to stop sharing and manually stops it within Dexcom Clarity.

If your clinic does not have a Dexcom Clarity account, patients can provide a share code generated from the Dexcom Clarity app for your clinic to enter at or you can guest upload a receiver from the same link.

How does a clinic get started with Dexcom Clarity?

Register your clinic at Whoever completes the registration will be considered the account administrator with full ability to add and manage staff accounts.

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