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The only provider of CGMs that
give patients and their followers
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five minutes, every day.

Dexcom CGM

A retail pharmacy prescription can be the
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Dexcom G6 Real-time CGM
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Protective Features1-3


Dexcom G6 features an overall MARD of 9.0.4


Real-time continuous glucose readings are sent straight to your patient's smart device or receiver every five minutes.

More Followers

Real-time glucose data can be shared with up to ten followers, increasing a patient's circle of support.

Indicated for 2 Years
and Older

Dexcom is the only provider of CGM systems indicated for children ages 2 years and older.

Customizable Alerts

Two customized alert schedules can be set within a 24-hour period, giving patients more peace of mind and discretion, whether they are sleeping, exercising or in a business meeting.

Urgent Low
Soon Alert

The urgent low soon can warn patients in advance of a potential severe hypoglycemic event (55 mg/dL)—allowing them time to take appropriate action before it happens.


Proven Outcomes

Review the novel COMISAIR Study, as well as other clinical evidence
and professional society guidelines demonstrating the
benefits of Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM).

Powerful Stories

Dr. Anita Swamy | Endocrinologist

Providers play a vital role in diabetes treatment, education, training and access to care for millions of Americans. Dexcom remains committed to empowering providers with the best technology and resources for diabetes management. Hear why Endocrinologist Dr. Anita Swamy believes in Dexcom G6.

Dr. Swamy is a paid spokesperson of Dexcom, Inc.

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May 2 2019

ADA 2019: CME-Certified Symposium and Dexcom Product Theater

  Dexcom Product Theater: Innovations in Dexcom CGM Technology for the Patient and the Professional This product theater will teach participants the role of CGM and its clinical benefit for patients, as well as real-time insulin dosing methods ...

MARD is a statistical measure of accuracy.
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4Dexcom G6 CGM System User Guide, 2018.

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