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Dexcom G6 is the first and only integrated continuous glucose monitoring (iCGM) system that supports insulin-using patients ages 2 years and older with real-time glucose readings, a predictive alert, and customizable remote monitoring options.

Dexcom G6 App

Displays a patient’s glucose data up to every 5 minutes, via Bluetooth.


A touchscreen device that may be used to display a patient's glucose data instead of a compatible smart phone.

One-Touch Applicator

Simple sensor insertion at the push of a button.

Sensor + Transmitter

The auto-start transmitter is fastened on top of the single-use sensor, sending glucose data wirelessly to the wearer’s display device.


Dexcom CLARITY is the #1 preferred tool to support effective diabetes management for healthcare providers3 and now displays a user’s most recently available glucose data. Using Dexcom CLARITY, you can easily analyze and reference your patients’ glucose patterns, trends, and statistics during in-person or telehealth appointments. 

CGM Reports

CGM Reports

An array of interactive reports, pulled using proprietary algorithms, highlight relevant glucose insights that suit your needs. CGM interpretation using the Overview report is also billable under Medicare and private insurers (CPT code 95251).


Relevant Glucose Insights

Dexcom CLARITY is compatible with all Dexcom CGM Systems, allowing your Dexcom CGM app users to continuously§ share their glucose data for your review via an easy-to-use clinic portal.

Computer Monitor

Dexcom CLARITY for Your Clinic

Help simplify your office workflow when you register for Dexcom CLARITY, which is available at no cost to your practice and accessible through a dedicated clinic portal.


Do not use Dexcom CLARITY for treatment decisions such as dosing insulin. The user should follow instructions on the continuous glucose monitoring system.

Coverage Options

The Dexcom G6 Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System is easy to prescribe.4


Wide Insurance Acceptance

Three out of four patients on mealtime insulin have coverage for Dexcom G6.4


Low Co-Pays for Many Patients

One third of patients have a $0 copay for Dexcom G6.||,5


Easy to Prescribe

Simply e-prescribe all patients to Dexcom Start through ASPN Pharmacies (NPI 1538590690).

Dexcom integrations with diabetes
technology collaborators

As the first Class II integrated CGM (iCGM) authorized by the FDA, Dexcom G6 is cleared to work interoperably with a range of connected insulin pen and closed loop system partners. We continue to pursue collaboration opportunities with product and digital health brands, offering a multifaceted approach to effective diabetes management for patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers.

Dexcom is proud to team up with the following product companies to develop new diabetes treatment platforms and integrations, in support of more customizable and convenient treatment options.

Through Digital Health Partnerships, Dexcom empowers its users and providers to view their glucose data in the system of their choice, with the aim of satisfying user demand for app-based care. Users authorize third-party apps to connect to their data through the Dexcom cloud, extending the power of Dexcom CGM.

Dexcom is proud to support and work with the following non-profit organizations to help reduce the financial, emotional, and social burden of diabetes that affects many patients.

Clinical Evidence

Clinical Evidence

A wide body of evidence substantiates the efficacy of Dexcom CGM. Take a deeper dive into the research that speaks to its benefits by reviewing the novel DIaMonD Study and other relevant materials.

See Clinical Evidence

The reimbursement information provided is intended to assist you with billing for your services related to continuous glucose monitoring (CGM). It is intended for informational purposes only and is not a guarantee of coverage and payment. Providers are encouraged to contact their local payers with questions related to coverage, coding and payment. 

§An internet connection is required to send data to Dexcom CLARITY.

||Includes the cost of sensors only, when prescribed to the pharmacy. 


1 Beck, RW, et al. JAMA. 2017;317(4):371-378.

2 Welsh, J.B. et al. Diabetes Technol Ther. 2019;21(3): 128-132. 

3 Seagrove Partners Customer Survey, August 2019.

4 Dexcom, data on file, 2020. 

5 IQVIA, data on file, July 2020.

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