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With Dexcom CLARITY software, evaluate patients' glucose patterns, analyze data and diabetes management plans — all from your clinic computer.

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CGM Data Analysis Reports

Dexcom CLARITY is software that presents clinically relevant glucose patterns and trends in interactive reports.
These reports help healthcare professionals review how patients are managing their diabetes.

On-demand CGM Interpretation & Billing

  • Dexcom CGM app users automatically and continuously send their glucose data to Dexcom CLARITY, eliminating upload hassle.
  • Patient glucose data is accessed in an easy-to-use clinic portal.
  • Interactive reports can be viewed, saved and printed for efficient clinic appointments.
  • Dexcom CLARITY is compatible with all Dexcom CGM Systems.
  • CGM interpretation using the Overview report is billable under Medicare and private insurers (CPT code 95251). 

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Using Dexcom CLARITY at the Clinic

Access all your patients' data in one easy-to-use clinic portal.

Dexcom CLARITY Workflow

Get Patients Started

Invite patients to use Dexcom CLARITY and share their CGM data with your clinic. Patients authorize sharing using the clinic sharing code.

View Reports

Use the clinic portal to view reports; print the Overview report and any others you choose.

Discuss Trends

Discuss glucose patterns and trends with your patient.

Submit Claims

Write CPT code 95251 on the Overview report and include in claims submission.

Reports to Highlight Relevant Glucose Insights

Evaluate relevant CGM data from your clinic computer to help make diabetes management decisions. Using proprietary algorithms, Dexcom CLARITY offers a full range of reports to suit your needs.


Prioritize clinic issues using a holistic visual representation of patterns.

Daily View

Analyze individual days and isolated events.


Visualize patterns using all CGM data points.

Ambulatory Glucose Profile

View the variability around the mean glucose and patterned areas of highs and lows.


Encourage progress and evaluate changes made.

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CLARITY Resources

Dexcom CLARITY Resources

Watch set-up videos, review the user guide and learn about the reports Dexcom CLARITY offers.

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Dexcom CLARITY Support

Contact Dexcom Support at 1-844-607-8398 or view FAQs

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