Why Dexcom CGM?

why choose the #1 recommended CGM brand?1,2


Discover how Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) Systems can support better outcomes for people with all types of diabetes.

Image shown does not include required overpatch. 

Please be sure to follow instructions for using the overpatch.


the Dexcom difference

Smart device sold separately.* 


Real-time monitoring

Glucose numbers 24/7 give a full picture of your patients’ data and trends 


Exceptional accuracy3

Reliable glucose numbers for confident treatment decisions


Actionable insights

Easily see your patients’ progress with Dexcom Clarity for more informed treatment decisions


Proven results

Lowers A1C, increases time in range, and reduces hyper- and hypoglycemic events4-8


User Adherence

After getting started, 90% of patients intend to keep using Dexcom9

Dexcom G7 is simple to use and inspires commitment


96% say dexcom is easy to use


96% of patients say Dexcom is easy to use.12

#1 patient satisfaction


Dexcom ranks #1 in patient satisfaction.‡,11

9 out of 10


9 out of 10 Dexcom users stay on the product after 1 year.12

the power of CGM

Say hello to the amazing new Dexcom G7


*To view a list of compatible devices, visit dexcom.com/compatibility.

Patient must first sync their Dexcom CGM data with the Dexcom Clarity app and consent to share their data with their healthcare provider. An internet connection is required for patients to send their glucose data to Dexcom Clarity via a compatible smart device: dexcom.com/compatibility.

Based on a comparison of NPS scores among major CGM brands.  

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