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Getting your patients with diabetes started on Dexcom continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) is easy, and we have teams in place to support every step of the process. 

Dexcom G6 Personal Continuous Glucose Monitoring CGM System

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Is your patient ready to get started? See how to prescribe Dexcom CGM Systems. 

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Dexcom G7 Personal Continuous Glucose Monitoring CGM System

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Request a 10-day Dexcom G7 sample to introduce patients to the power of Dexcom.*

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prescribe in 2 easy steps




Choose a Dexcom CGM System
and necessary components

Enter Dexcom G6 or Dexcom G7 in your e-prescribing software and select the quantities and refills for each component.



your prescription

Sign, order, and submit a prescription to ASPN Pharmacies Inc. or your patients’ preferred local pharmacy.


what to include

  • Dexcom G7

    10-day sensor

    NRC CODE: 08627-0077-01    |    Fill 3 boxes (1 sensor per box, refill every 30 days)

    Receiver (optional)

    NRC CODE: 08627-0078-01    |    Fill 1 (Refill every year)








    Smart device sold separately.

    dexcom g7 device
  • Dexcom G6

    Dexcom G6 Sensor

    NRC CODE: 08627-0053-03    |    Dispense 1 (12 refills)


    Dexcom G6 Receiver

    NRC CODE: 08627-0091-11    |    Dispense 1 (0 refills)


    Dexcom G6 Transmitter

    NRC CODE: 08627-0016-01    |    Dispense 1 (4 refills)

    Dexcom G6 Continuous Glucose Monitoring System for glucose management.

prescribe by fax, phone, and more.

Prescribe via fax

Please fax your patient’s Dexcom CGM prescription to (866)-879-8150

Prescribe via phone

Call us at (888)-489-0221

Alternate prescribing programs

Veterans Affairs


why prescribe Dexcom CGM?

first place ribbon

Dexcom is the #1 recommended CGM brand by healthcare providers and patients.2,3

ascending bar graph

Dexcom CGM use is proven to lower A1C, increase time in range, and improve quality of life.4-8

3x graphic

Dexcom has 3x more patients paying $0 compared to Freestyle Libre.§,9

clinical resources to support you


*Patient must have a Dexcom CGM prescription and a compatible smart device (sold separately) as part of this 10-day experience: Dexcom CGM can be provided at no cost for the sole purpose of allowing a healthcare provider and/or patient to evaluate if Dexcom CGM is right for the patient. All recipients of this pack are strictly prohibited from collecting any compensation related to it. This offer is void where prohibited by law. Dexcom may modify or rescind this offer at any time without notice. For the complete version of the terms and conditions, please visit

Receiver required for Medicare beneficiaries. To view a list of compatible devices, visit §For those with commercial pharmacy coverage.

1 Managed Markets Insights & Technology, LLC. MMIT Analytics, June 2022.

2 dQ&A US Q1 2021 Diabetes Connections Patient Panel Report. 2021;69-72.

3 Seagrove HCP Survey Q1 2021.

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Dexcom G7 samples are the only version currently available online.

Do not include prefix (Mr., Mrs., Dr.)
As listed on Provider’s medical license (no MD, Jr., Sr.)
Please use the Provider's NPI
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