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Diabetes management starts with accurate glucose readings, trends and continuous feedback so that providers and patients can make educated decisions that result in better outcomes. At Dexcom, we are always working to deliver the highest quality products and ongoing support to our providers, educators and caregivers.

Below, please find a compilation of guides, checklists, tutorials and other resources to help you educate your patients on how to manage their diabetes with a Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System.

The first prescription should include three items: 1 receiver, 1 wireless transmitter, and 1 four-pack of sensors.

1 Receiver

(Indicated for one-year use)

Dexcom CLARITY presents relevant patterns and trends to help analyze and make diabetes management decisions. Using these instructions, set up Dexcom CLARITY at your clinic. Add and invite patients to share continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) data...

Dexcom CLARITY now provides the Ambulatory Glucose Profile (AGP) report. Developed by the International Diabetes Center (IDC), the AGP is a standardized report for patients and healthcare providers to visualize glucose patterns and trends. This...

Prescribe Dexcom G5 Mobile CGM for your intensive insulin therapy patients. See the sample prescription below.

Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) Systems are currently available for order via Cardinal, McKesson and AmerisourceBergen. Please see the chart below for appropriate order numbers.

This section from the American Diabetes Association (ADA) Standards of Medical Care for Diabetes includes information regarding usage of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM).

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