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Professional CGM

The Dexcom G4® PLATINUM Professional CGM System is a clinic-owned system that can be blinded when clinically necessary.

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The Dexcom G4® PLATINUM Professional CGM System

The Dexcom G4 PLATINUM Professional Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System is a practice-owned diabetes therapy management tool that allows you to gather dynamic, real-time data about your patients’ glucose patterns over a one-week period. The Dexcom G4 Professional may be the right solution for patients who are hesitant or reluctant to use CGM, especially those who:

  • Struggle to meet glycemic goals

  • Suffer from frequent hypoglycemia

  • Experience wide fluctuations in glycemic variability

  • Have hypoglycemic unawareness or have discrepancies between their SMBG readings and their A1C results

Professional CGM

The Only 2-in-1 Professional CGM System

Dexcom offers the only professional 2-in-1 CGM System designed for real-time feedback and insights that can be used to make diabetes treatment plan recommendations (unblinded mode), but can also be blinded when clinically necessary.

Optimize Therapy

Clinicians can use the insights gained from a professional CGM session to adjust therapy and to educate and motivate patients to modify their behavior after viewing the effects that specific foods, exercise, stress, and medications have on their glucose levels.

Retrospective Analysis

Get a comprehensive picture of your patient’s glycemic variability that A1C alone or routine blood glucose testing cannot offer. Real-time CGM not only takes advantage of patient learning opportunities in the moment, but also helps define the quality of an A1C.


Insurance reimbursement for Dexcom Professional CGM is widespread for both commercial and public payers, including Medicare.

Requires Dexcom STUDIO software.

Dexcom G4 PLATINUM Professional CGM System

A closer look

The Dexcom G4 Professional contains three components:

  1. Sensor
  2. Transmitter
  3. Receiver

Clinical Utility of Real-Time CGM

A randomized study analyzed the clinical utility of real-time CGM values.

In just 6 days, glycemic variability was significantly reduced due to real time access to continuous glucose measurements, coupled with alerts/alarms for high and low glucose values.1

*Fingersticks required for calibration, or if symptoms or expectations do not match readings, or when taking medications containing acetaminophen.

1Rodbard D, Bailey T, Jovanovic L, Zisser H, Kaplan R, Garg SK. Improved quality of glycemic control and reduced glycemic variability with use of continuous glucose monitoring. Diabetes Technol Ther. 2009 Nov;11(11).727-23.

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